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Exclusive VELTA benefits

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Long-term real estate loans

Velta enables long-term real estate financing (up to 25 years) on blockchain, which is a unique innovation in the history of DeFi.

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Indexed collateral

Velta uses a financial mechanism that indexes the value of deposited collateral to marketable assets. In this way, VELTA reduces the risk of liquidation being triggered.

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Basic yield

Rates of return outperforming the market average in USDT and USDC for liquidity providers.

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Additional yield

Complementary yield denominated in $VTA for liquidity providers.

NFT Example


VELTA donates 1 NFT for original members

We're convinced that every project initiated deserves to be known and shared, because it can be formidable and revolutionary. That's why we want to support our community, made up of loyal and committed members, by randomly offering them a Community NFT (Non Fungible Token) in exchange for actions to be carried out.

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Our Roadmap

Build a Community

200,000 Community NFTs will be allocated to Velta's original members. When the time comes, VELTA will redeem these NFTs at the corresponding price of one of the 6 NFT categories that have been randomly allocated free of charge.

2024: Q1

Private ICO

1.6 million VTA (about 0.66% of TOTAL SUPPLY) will be sold to private investors who are part of the Whitelist. This Whitelist is now complete. There is still an opportunity to join a waiting list, in the event of a withdrawal.

2024: Q1


VELTA will issue the $VTA token with fixed total supply of 300,000,000. There is a burn mechanism to reduce circulating supply. We will initially deploy our token on the Polygon Network. You can find out our Tokenomic :

  • CEX / DEX / DeFi : 80,000,000
  • Team : 20,000,000
  • Private Sale : 1,600,000
  • Public Sale : 188,400,000
  • Providers / Partners : 10,000,000

VELTA plan to burn non sale $VTA during the public sale


Will be Available on EVMS

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Our public sale is divided into three stages : the Private Sale, the Middle Sale, and the Final Sale. Each stage offers a different token sale price and offering. Private Sale : The first step is the Private Fundraising through the Private Sale. During this phase, a limited number of tokens will be available for purchase at the exclusive price of $0.20 per token. Middle Sale : Following the Private Sale, we enter the Middle Sale stage. In this phase, additional tokens will be offered to a broader audience at a price of $0.28 per token. Final Sale : The Final Sale marks the last stage of our public offering. During this phase, the remaining tokens will be made available to the general public at the final sale price of $0.33 per token.

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